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Dr David Molapo is a leading management consultant, educator and renowned motivational speaker. David has a unique ability in which he captivates his audience using a fine combination of humour, an incredible stage presence and his personal life experiences. He effectively motivates, inspires and impacts over a million people in South Africa each year. He equips his audiences with the confidence and tools to change their lives as well as the lives of the people around them.

At age thirteen David was imprisoned for political actions, but while in prison started an incredible process in which he changed his life, which led to the successful businessman, leader, husband and father that he is today.

David became a finalist for the Junior Chamber International Award of Ten Outstanding Young People of the World in August 1994 and has appeared on Who’s Who in South Africa since 1995. In July of 1999 he was awarded the prestigious PMR Silver Arrow Award for Best Motivational Incentive and Business Consulting. In addition to the above achievements, David is one of the most-sought-after motivational speakers and holds two of South Africa’s most admired and respected awards, the Young Achiever of the Year South Africa and the Four Outstanding South Africans Award.

David speaks on many subjects, some of which include Quality Management, Communication, Entrepreneurial Skills, Team Building, leadership, Affirmative Action and Accepting Change. He also authored many books, which include Growing up Spiritually, The 10 Exciting Keys to Success and If You Are Not Growing, You Are Dying.

David’s energy and topics play big roles in his success as a motivational speaker. In addition to holding two of South Africa’s most prestigious awards (the Young Achiever of the Year South Africa Award and Four Outstanding South African Awards) as well as appearing on Who’s Who in South Africa since 1995 to date, he has consulted the Top 100 Companies. David Molapo’s former designations have included being a non-executive director of Dimension Data SA and many other major corporations, like South African Airways and Spoornet.

Dr David Molapo is a top management consultant, educationalist and renowned motivational speaker. By using his stupendous combination of humour, his incredible on-stage energy and experiences from his own life, he captivates audiences with his message of hope.

David projects his message onto the nation through his public appearances, books and his shifts in the media, which motivates, inspires and guides more than a million people in South Africa each year as a result. He uniquely provides his audience with the confidence and tools necessary to change their lives and the lives of those around them.

His journey of change started when he was imprisoned for political activities at the age of thirteen. Great leaders are often great rebels first. Beyond being a leader and changer of lives, he is a husband and father. He’s currently married to Dr Mamikie Molapo.

Learn to lead when life seems dark, difficult and dismal.
- Dr David Molapo.

Professional Details:

Chairman | National Institute for Crime Prevention and Rehabilitation of Offenders
2003 - present

Consultant | International Division | Nedcor Bank Limited
South Africa

Consultant | Standard Corporate and Merchant Bank

Executive Secretary | Inter-Youth, South Africa
South Africa

Chairman | Vulindlela Consortium - 7th All African Games

Executive Secretary | Ithuteng Adult Literacy Programme
South Africa

Director | I-Can Greenoaks

President | South African Christian Students Association (SASCA)
South Africa

Chairman | SAFIC

Executive Secretary | Pre-Law Club
United States of America

Chairman | Promise Keepers South Africa

Executive Secretary | Ministers Fellowship of South Africa
South Africa

Executive Secretary | Kwa-Thema Library Project
South Africa

South Africa

Consultant | Transformation | South African Airways (Pty) Ltd
South Africa

Consultant | Spoornet
South Africa

Previous Position(s)

Chairman | Billy Graham Evangelistic Association
1993 - 1997

David Molapo

Educational history


Phatudi College, South Africa
Completed 1982
Associate Degree

Oakwood College
Completed 1985
Bachelor of Science

Oral Roberts University
Completed 1987
Masters Degree

International Theological Seminary
Completed 1989



U.N. International Programme for South Africa

Well-Being Trust

International Federation of Christian Churches

National Economic Forum

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